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Best Brand Identity Building Tips by Gurjot Grewal in 2020

Big Question these days for every brand owners, how do a build a consistent brand? Well, in this blog, we are going to talk few steps to building the perfect brand identity.

So stay tuned. Give them a good they welcome back in this city, we are talking about branding. Yes, I am back on the branding train and the majority of my blog are going to be between branding as well as Tik Tok. And then ever so often, I’m going to talk a little bit about Instagram because it’s still relevant and there are still a lot of changes that have been happening on the Instagram platform lately. But right now, I have been bombarded not only with just Social Media marketing projects in my agency which name is Grewal Digital Media.

Illustration of business branding

Our Agency is getting lots of queries through business owners, through social media regarding branding for new startup business and all. And a lot of times I get asked, you know, how do you build a strong brand? And in this year 2020, I’m going to talk about the best steps to building a strong brand identity in a number one is going to be defining your mission and your vision. It is so important to make sure that you defined your mission and vision prior to creating your business.

What are the reasons we finds when I am explaining one on one entrepreneurs and small business owners is that they tend to start their business and say, oh, I got to go in business for myself. And they open up. They’re going to get their TBA. They do whatever they need to do, but they fail to start out with why. And if you guys haven’t known yet, what are my favorite books to really help you get clear on the reason why you do what you do? Is ‘The Brand Gap’ start with why? One of my absolute favorite books, any must read for every entrepreneur and business owner, regardless of whether you have a small enterprise, medium or large enterprise, you should read. Start with why? Because people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. So it’s important to make sure to define your mission and your vision statement right at the beginning of starting your business, because that is going to be the heart and soul of your business.

You are going to be able to articulate your why much more clearly if you already start with why. All right, the best step to building a strong brand identity is to design a sterling visual presence. What do I mean by that?

Well, in the case of one of my clients, one of my clients is fantastic, has a great product. But however, their presence is not very visually appealing. And one of the reasons why is because, you know, maybe the graphics that they use on one social media platform and then on their website, they just don’t match or tell the story of your why. At the same time, their Web site is just a put together work site. And then not to mention, you know, they don’t have a consistent visual story. So it’s very important that you really define a visual story as well as your why.

So start with your why. Then you’re going to develop a visual story. And then after your visual story, then number three is to communicate a consistent messaging across all social media platforms and your cross-channel consistency.

Why? Because you’re going to be articulating your content through visual and communication methods is so important that your content stays consistent all the time so that people can easily recognize your business, so that your article is articulated better, so that your content has a story not just visually, but also the messaging around it. So that they don’t contradict each other. That really builds a strong brand identity cross-channel. All right, Number four is empowering your brand through marketing.

Now you’re brand going to make sure that your marketing is also empowered. Make sure that your marketing tells the story of your marketing ideas or content consistently. Make sure that your business marketing follows the visual guidelines that you’ve already set before you started your business so that you can be visually compelling, so that you can be easily recognizable. So you can start building a following. And people know who you are and why you’re doing it. So when you start producing your marketing efforts, whether it’s on social media or across social, it’s you very important that you empower your brand with marketing because marketing is the vehicle that tells the consumer of your way.

Thanks for reading my content for more blog/articles subscribe or signup our wordpress blog; I am Gurjot Grewal Founder of “Grewal Digital Media” Which known as India’s best online advertising company.


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